Adolescent confidentiality in healthcare Essay

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Thesis: Teens and adolescents are worthy of and will need confidentiality with medicinal caregivers and medical care needs. Dailard, Cynthia. " New Medical Records Personal privacy Rule: The Interface with Teen Use of

Confidential Care. ” The Guttmacher Statement on Community Policy. six. 1 (2003) 1-2. Guttmacher Institute. Net. 03 The fall of 2013.

In her article; " New Medical Records Privacy Rule: The Interface with Teen Usage of

Secret Care”, publisher Cynthia Dailard states that " the idea that confidentiality is key to a lot of teenagers' willingness to seek delicate health software program as relatives planning can be well established in law. ” Dailard says that " research has highlighted the importance of confidentiality to teens' determination to seek care”(1). She uses this thought with the from a study appearing in 1999 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that found a significant percentage of young adults had didn't seek medical they needed due to privacy concerns. Dailard says that advocates concerned about teens' reproductive system health will need to be vigilant on the state level and may have to consider whether still even more needs to be completed fully shield minors' directly to obtain secret care.

This Article is a good, strong source as the author offers background in laws and past research. Dailard attempts to have a non-biased perspective on the topic but towards the end she has some opinion. Ford, Jean A. and Abigail The english language. " Restricting Confidentiality of Adolescent Wellness Services;

:  What Are the Hazards? ” The Journal in the American Medical Association. 288. 6 (2002): 1 . Web In this journal article, the authors illustrate the potential outcomes of constraining confidential healthcare on young girls' determination to use family planning solutions for prescription contraception and sexually sent infections (STIs). Ford and English suggest that " In 2 large nationally...

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Sobel offers a perspective on the reverse side of the HIPAA rule

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