Seminar Composition


Scientific research and technology have improved our life in many ways. Science together with technology plays a solid role in the industrialization as well as modernization worldwide. Those are definitely the main reasons how come the Affiliation of Science Educators inside the Philippines (ASEP) continuously provides assistance and support to all the educators in our region. One of these proofs was the just lately held seventh National Research Convention in Baguio City last 04 29-May you, 2013. Its theme was " Science and Technology Advancement: Enhancing Quality of Life of Educators during Intervention and Research”. The said tradition was joined by choose school mind and important teachers coming from different parts of the nation.

The program was graced and supported by the honourable Admin of Education, Bro. Armin A. Luistro. He commended the noble intentions in the organizers went by the ASEP President, Doctor Fruit R. Godoy. He also portrayed his sincere gratitude to them to get showing continuous commitment and dedication to intensify the love and support of people to Science and Technology.

The organizers' aim was additional discussed simply by Bishop Efraim Perez, Secretary of Interfaith in MalacaЕ€ang Palace. He also offered a talk regarding Leadership and Management with Integration of ethical Values Enlargement for Educators. This was and then the discussion of Modern Strategies and Managing Change in Classroom Discussion by Dr . Enrico M. Habijan, Key, CMLT.

A later date was made conceivable and productive with the workshop on Check Construction. In addition , another discuss by Dr . Lolita M. Andrada and Dr . Beatriz G. Fresa had awakened the senses of the attendees. They offered new information and ways to improve the quality of education in our nation.

The last day time of the program focused on two aspects. First was about the Conceptualization of Action Analysis and the additional was about Persona Enhancement through Psych Activity and Physical...