Essay about Ross Business Finance 9e

п»їChapter 01

Summary of Corporate Fund

Multiple Choice Questions

1 ) В The person generally immediately responsible for overseeing the duty management, expense accounting, monetary accounting, and information system functions is definitely the: В A. В treasurer.

M. В director.

C. В controller.

M. В chairman in the board.

At the. В chief executive officer.

2 . В The person generally straight responsible for overseeing the cash and credit capabilities, financial organizing, and capital expenditures is definitely the: В A. В treasurer.

N. В director.

C. В controller.

Deb. В chairman in the board.

Elizabeth. В chief businesses officer.

several. В The means of planning and managing a business long-term assets is called: В A. В working capital supervision.

B. В financial depreciation.

C. В agency expense analysis.

D. В capital spending budget.

E. В capital structure.

4. В The combination of debt and equity used by a firm to finance it is operations is referred to as: В A. В working capital management.

M. В financial devaluation.

C. В cost analysis.

G. В capital spending budget.

E. В capital structure.

5. В The managing of a business short-term property and liabilities is called: В A. В working capital management.

B. В debt management.

C. В equity managing.

D. В capital budgeting.

Electronic. В capital structure.

6. В A business owned or operated by a sole individual is called a: В

A. В corporation.

B. В sole proprietorship.

C. В general collaboration.

D. В limited partnership.

E. В limited responsibility company.

several. В A business formed by simply two or more people who each have endless liability for people who do buiness debts is referred to as a: В A. В corporation.

B. В sole proprietorship.

C. В general relationship.

D. В limited partnership.

Elizabeth. В limited the liability company.

almost eight. В The label of profits and losses among the list of members of the partnership is formalized inside the: В A. В indemnity offer.

B. В indenture contract.

C. В statement of purpose.

G. В partnership agreement.

E. В group charter.

being unfaithful. В A business created like a distinct legal entity composed of one or more individuals or entities is called a: В A. В corporation.

M. В sole proprietorship.

C. В general partnership.

G. В limited alliance.

E. В unlimited liability company.

10. В The corporate doc that pieces forth the organization purpose of a good is the: В A. В indenture contract.

N. В state taxes agreement.

C. В corporate bylaws.

D. В debt charter.

Elizabeth. В articles of incorporation.

14. В The guidelines by which organizations govern themselves are called: В A. В indenture provisions.

W. В indemnity provisions.

C. В charter agreements.

D. В bylaws.

Electronic. В articles of incorporation.

12. В A organization entity controlled and taxed like a partnership, but with limited liability for the owners, is called a: В A. В limited the liability company.

N. В general partnership.

C. В limited proprietorship.

D. В sole proprietorship.

E. В corporation.

13. В The primary target of financial management is to: В

A. В maximize current dividends per talk about of the existing stock. W. В maximize the current value per share from the existing stock. C. В avoid financial relax.

D. В minimize operational costs and maximize firm productivity. E. В maintain steady growth in both sales and net profits.

14. В A conflict of interest involving the stockholders and management of a firm is called: В A. В stockholders' the liability.

B. В corporate breakdown.

C. В the organization problem.

G. В corporate figures.

E. В legal liability.

12-15. В Agency costs refer to: В

A. В the total payouts paid to stockholders over the lifetime of a good. B. В the costs that result from arrears and personal bankruptcy of a company. C. В corporate income susceptible to double taxation.

D. В the costs of any clashes of interest among stockholders and management. Electronic. В the total interest paid to collectors over the duration of the organization. В

18. В A stakeholder is: В

A. В any person or entity that owns stocks and shares of inventory of a firm. B. В any person or entity which has voting legal rights based on stock ownership of your corporation. C. В a person who initially started out a firm and currently offers management control over the cash runs of the company due to his or her current title...

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