Essay about Linux House windows Operating Systems


Network Systems and Solutions

Comparison between the Network Operating systems

Like Cpanel, Windows 2k and

Sent out operating system Germ.

Group Members: Yedukondalu Madhumanchi (M00295179)

Saroop kumar reddy Chidirala(M00333357)

Time of Submission: 25-Feb-2011

Campus: Hendon

College of Computing Science

Doctor G Elizabeth Mapp

Middlesex University

Set of Contents

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1 . Abstract 4

installment payments on your Introduction four

3. Network Operating System six

4. Distributed Operating System 6

5. LINUX 6

5. 1Shell 7

5. 2 Kernel several

5. 3Linux features and satisfaction 9

five. 4 Linux Advantages and disadvantages on the lookout for 5. 5 Strengths and Weakness of Linux 10

5. 6th Application of Linux 10

6WINDOWS 200010

six. 1 Glass windows 2000 Structures 11

six. 2 Nucleus mode eleven

6. 3User Mode13

6. 4 Glass windows 2000 features13

6. a few Windows 2000 Benefits14

6th. 6Windows 2150 weakness 18

6. several Windows 2k security Features 14

several Differences B/w Linux Versus Windows OPERATING-SYSTEM 15

eight. Introduction to Streptococcus 15

almost 8. 1Design Desired goals 15

almost 8. 2System Structures 16

almost 8. 3Fundamental Concepts17

8. some Outside Kernel19

8. 5Weakness of Spirochete 20



List of Figures

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Figure you Operating System5

Figure two Conceptual Framework of the Cpanel Kernel several Figure 3 Windows 2000 architecture 10

Figure some I/O Administrator Components 12

Figure5 Streptococcus System Structure 17

Figure6 Remote Method Call 18

Figure7Bullet Server 19

Assessment between the Network Operating system

Like Linux, Glass windows 2000 and

Distributed os Amoeba.


The key aim of the paper is to clearly differentiate the Evaluation between the Linux, Windows Network operating System and Amoeba Distributed operating System. This paper talks about clearly about the network operating systems just like Linux, home windows 2000 and Amoeba, Spirochete can be described as among the a allocated operating system. Starting from the Cpanel operating system, this paper explains the Apache operating system evolution, architecture. It also tells record of Positives and negatives of the Linux operating System and Features linked to that OPERATING SYSTEM. Windows 2000 is one of the effective operating system on the globe. However , This kind of paper likewise concentrate on House windows 2000 OPERATING SYSTEM with reason of the structures, advantages, down sides and security of the Home windows 2000. Finally, we discussed about Spirochete distributed Operating System and precisely what are the features in the Amoeba and Understanding the structure of the Amoeba Distributed Main system. Introduction:

An operating system(OS) can be described as program made to run various other programs on the computer. Operating-system runs immediately when the end user power switches on and that stops operating on the computer when the power switch off. It is become an software between customer and the CPU. Operating system controls the external devices which have been connected to the pc and it can deal with files on the computer. Operating system is able to do the things like taking the insight from the exterior devices just like keyboards, machines, scanners and display the outcome on computer system monitor. By this we can declare it is an inter face among user and the CPU. Responsibility of Os is to make certain that both...

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