Eharmony Promotion and Cost Essay

eHarmony. com is a subscription-based, relationship-building support that provides an exclusive solution pertaining to serious single men and women searching for fulfilling, long lasting relationships. It is the only service, on- or perhaps offline, which utilizes empirical research, clinical study and a patent-pending predictive technology to effectively match singles. ( The company's target is complementing people collectively who sooner or later want to be married or at least include a long-term, committed marriage. Their business founder, Dr . Neil Clark Warren, is usually an older, known gentleman, in whose focus is always to put persons together, and keep them jointly. eHarmony's member count is at about five and a half , 000, 000, with more than 9000 marriages that they can confirm. All their clients usually be college-educated, many with a secondary education. From a psychographic viewpoint these are those people who are looking for a long term relationship; to find the love with their lives; and somebody with whom they will get married. It caters to people who want to be combined on profound dimensions of compatibility. Resulting from more than more than 30 years of experience in counselling married couples, Doctor Neil Clark simon Warren identified that there are 29 key drivers or dimensions of long-term relationship-success like figure, values, intelligence, and psychological make-up. The company has developed a compatibility to discover to determine these types of areas and match persons accordingly. The В‘29 Measurements of Compatibility, ' are lumped into four significant categories -- Character & Constitution; Personality; Emotional Makeup & Skills; and Friends and family & Ideals. The company has even patented the concept, known as the Compatibility Coordinating SystemВ™. ( Their spokesman is Doctor Warren him self, and this individual appears in most of their TV spots, may be the voice in their radio ads, and shows up in print advertising as well. He is the unifying communication for the company. It is his model, and he explains it well. He maintains the...

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