At first sight, the who am I essay is not difficult. It may seemthat there is nothing complex in talking about your own life,attachments, and thoughts. However, often students make mistakeswhen writing this type of work, turning a well-written paper intoa dry autobiography. Follow a series of recommendations to avoidthis, and then your essay will not only completely reveal yourpersonality, but also serve as an example for others.



You may be asked to write who am I essay when applying to acollege. This is when you need to provide information about youryourself, telling about your aspirations, ideas, and futureplans. To deliver a high-quality work, follow theserecommendations:

Take care of the single structure of the narrative. If youwant to disclose your relationships in the family, describe yourchildhood memories, you should not stick write about theachievements in your career there. Be sure to follow the literacy, punctuation, and logic ofpresentation. Even writing an essay about yourself on the mostinsignificant occasion does not give you the right to neglectliteracy. To make the whole work integral, select the main line, whichwill be guessed in it from beginning to end. This may be a traitof your character, hobby, particular relationship with friendsand relatives, life events, or worldview. Try not to make the story too strict. It is better to use thetechniques of artistic style (metaphors, allegories), and not belimited to dry journalism. Be sure to include interesting or funny nuances in the essayabout yourself. This way, you can attract the attention of thereader for a long time. Make sure that the text evenly reveals your identity. Do notwrite only about your own merits. Try to present yourshortcomings so that they do not seem to be minuses, but onlytemporary mistakes that you are trying to correct in the processof self-improvement. Keep the intrigue. At the very beginning, the reader isinterested in you, for example, by the fact that you have a newgoal or interest in life. But it is not necessary to disclose allthe info in the first paragraph. During the story, give examplesfrom life, describe the development of your character, and onlyin the end you can fully reveal the whole idea. Always consider the plan for the future work in advance. Iftime allows, you can even spend a few days on it so that all theessay details are logical and interesting.


Collect all the topics for who am I essay and write them down.Start remembering situations from your life experience that canbe summed up under these topics. Write everything that comes tomind. The following questions will help you concentrate:

  • What do you like to do most of all? What are your hobbies?
  • Do you have certain skills or a talent?
  • Who influenced your life most of all? Who is most memorable?
  • What did you do during your last holidays?
  • What has changed in your life in the past 4 years?
  • What achievements are you proud of?
  • What makes you unique?
  • Whose philosophy of life do you adhere to?
  • When and where did you demonstrate leadership qualities? A good idea is to ask your parents or teachers to also answerthese questions, because you could forget something that theyremember.

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It happens that everyone writes about the same thing. Your taskis to stand out. Your essay should be original and different fromthe others. Make sure that what you write affects the originaltopics (usually you need to write about your travels, parents, orsports).

You need to demonstrate a unique approach to the topic. Your ideashould be supported by good examples or stories. Experts of theselection committee should analyze your essay, so it will be goodif you do not have superficial ideas and you will be able tothink about some things. It is also important to remember that inthe admissions office people do not have some knowledge, that is,there is no need to write specific terms or things that aredifficult for your friends, parents, and examiners to understand.Read again your essay and make sure that it shows you as aperson, that the topic is really meaningful for you, that youmanaged to show interest in the topic and found an originalapproach.


When composing a paper about yourself, follow theserecommendations:

Be yourself. Don’t bother about what the admission staffwould like to read. Choose those themes that you can disclose andthat are important to you. State your thought and share yourexperience. Begin with an exciting entry. You need to begin the paper ina way so that you want to continue reading it. For instance,begin with the statement that you’re afraid of the weapon sounds.Readers will realize right away that you’ll be talking about thewar or some shooting. The entry should not be very long, you needto apply a certain number of words. Share data about yourself. The paper is a great chance totalk to the university staff. Your work should reflect yourthoughts, your attitude to life, and you as an individual.Concentrate on yourself. Talk about something that will be left in mind and will drawthe reader’s attention. Put questions before the reader, writeabout your feelings, so that commission can feel what you felt. Apply the original language constructions. Reread your paperseveral times to make sure you included unique words andgrammatical structures. Don’t use humor. It is rare when someonecan resort to it competently. Demonstrate development. The committee wants to know how youwere growing up, how you were going through certain situations,etc. Make sure to mention how you have changed and what difficultsituations you have gone through and what they taught you in theprocess. Offer accurate examples. Don’t simply write that you are agreat orator. Provide examples where you showed your oratoricalskills. Conclude your paper so that the committee won’t forget you.



Check the essay many times, ask for help from friends and family.You can write to the students of your chosen university and askthem to help, suggest ideas or amendments to your essay.


To make sure that there are no mistakes and typos, there is agood technique – read the who am I essay from the end. When youread from the end you do not concentrate on errors, and yourfocus is on words and writing. Check any words in the spelling,of which you are not sure in the dictionary.

Calculate the number of words. If you are asked to write 500words, do not write more than 10–20 words in excess of theestablished limit.

One way to find the most important information that will work foryou is to analyze what others often tell you.

Your paper should be written in a competent, but relativelysimple language. Do not overload it with long sentences andabstruse words, avoid conversational lexicon and do not try todemonstrate all your knowledge on one sheet of paper Rememberthat everything written must be understandable and relevant inmeaning.

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When writing a paper about yourself, you have to exclude doingthe following:

Do not try to be someone else. You will not be able todeceive the staff of the admission committee, who saw thousandsof essays. They will immediately see that your description ofyourself does not coincide with the rest of the documents. Do not take too complex topics and ideas for the paper. Manystudents are trying to show that they understand complex ideasand topics, when in fact this is not so. Do not use common clichés, as they show that you cannotexpress ideas on your own. Do not use a lot of quotes. They give the impression that youdo not have your own opinion.

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Put a sheet of requirement in front of you and try not to bedistracted by extraneous activities. Outline the main theses of the future work: examples fromlife, memories, goals, and interests. The plan should include several parts: entry, main body, andconclusion. The most extensive should be the main part. It is init you fully reveal yourself as a person. After sketching out the plan, re-read it again to make surethat all the details of the future essay are arranged in alogical order. After writing the story itself, be sure to read it severaltimes. First, focus on the general mood, then check thepunctuation, and at the last reading concentrate on style andspelling. Remember that the main thing is to describe the most ordinary,from your point of view, events in an unusual form, so that thereader is interested not only in reading about you, but ingetting acquainted personally. Develop creativity, and you canalways appear before others as an unordinary personality, butnever forget about the rules of spelling.